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Killbilly Barn
Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan
January 2004
Dear MaryLou,

I'm sorry you had to move out to the city to find work. There wasn't much left fer anyone to do 'round here. Miss havin' ya 'round.

As ya know, the farm's on its last walkin' legs. It hasn't shed a drop 'round these parts in months. My cornfield's all dried up, burnt to a crisp. The only bit of water left is in the lil' waterin' hole out back and even that's dryin' up. The corn silo's half empty...

I'll need to sell the farm if some miracle doesn't happen right soon.

MaryLou, I know you don't condone drinkin', but the only thing that's keeping me sane is my 'shine still tucked out in the shed up on the hill. And even then, I ain't sure 'cause...

... I swear, damn scarecrow out in the field keeps laffin' at me and some flyin' saucer thing blew up my last cow with a purple laser-beam.

I gotta go. There's some rough talkin' slackjaws walkin' up the path with guns and they don't look right friendly neither. Must prepare my 12 and my keeper.


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