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Capture The Flag
Lava Fury Revised
Michael "widowmaker" Cranston
September 2003
Welcome back to the volcanic planet Gohgoran. The LavaFury arena began as part of a project that required a large underground excavation. Some of the area had been carved out of the lava rock when a powerful earthquake shook the cavern partially filling it with hot magma. Many years later it has been revamped to make it suitable to host the great tournament. The hard areas carved out by engineers stand out from the existing organic lava structures, contrasting and creating an unreal environment for the some of the fastest and most brutal CTF known to mankind. Beads of sweat run down your face and drip off. The noxious stench of sulphur invades your lungs. The sweltering heat is almost unbearable. You are surround by molten lava, one of the most destructive forces in nature. And that is only the arena. The real threat is starting at the far end and facing the same inhospitable environment you are. No doubt this is going to be one hell of a match.
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